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All lithium batteries (like the type used in the H System) have an internal "Fuel Gauge" which has information on the charge left available. Any lithium battery can, on occasion, need to be reset to ensure that the fuel gauge is displaying the correct level of charge. This is a very simple process in the H System and described below.

Monitoring Battery Life

On H3D, H4D and H5D Systems the exact level of battery charge can be shown by pressing and holding the Illumination / Battery status button as shown in Fig.1. H6D systems have the charge level displayed on the rear and grip displays (Fig 2).

Remaining charge is shown in 5% increments. When the battery level is close to exhaustion, the H System will show a low battery warning on the grip and rear display.

Figure 1: Finding exact battery charge level on H3D, H4D, H5D Systems

Figure 2: Charge level on on H6D Systems

Resetting the H System Battery

If the battery duration appears to be suffering, it is possible that the fuel gauge, as described earlier, will need to be reset. It is very important that these steps are only carried out after the battery has been fully charged, as the gauge will be reset to 100% regardless of the current battery level.?

  1. Fully charge the H System battery overnight.
  2. Remove the lens, viewfinder and any battery from the H camera body.
  3. Press and hold down both the Flash and Menu buttons on H3D, H4D and H5D cameras, as shown in Fig.3. To reset the battery on H6D cameras, press the WB and the menu/ video button (see Fig 4)
  4. Attach the H System battery, making sure to keep the above to buttons held.
  5. A series of beeps will be heard, indicating the battery has been reset.
  6. Replace any Lens and Viewfinder.

Figure 3: Press and hold down Flash and Menu buttons on H3D, H4D and H5D Systems to reset the battery

Figure 4: Press WB and Menu/Video buttons on H6D Systems to reset the battery

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