Calibrating Spirit Level


Tags: X System H6D

When using the Spirit Level function, it is possible to set a custom level position, for example aligning storing a custom shooting angle.

Align the camera carefully both horizontally and vertically to your requirements.

Press the General Settings icon on the Main Menu display. The General Settings Menu appears. (see figure 1)

Select the Spirit Level item.

Press the icon in the top left corner. (This may be a Factory or User Icon.) (Figure 2)

The Spirit Level dialogue appears. (Figure 3)

Ensure the User icon is selected and then press Calibrate to store this custom level.

The two white circles are now moved to their centre position. When in this centre position, they turn green. (Figure 4)

Press the Menu button to return to the main display.


To return to the factory calibration at any time, return to the Spirit Level dialogue screen and select the Factory icon.

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