Selecting Active Area of The Rear Touch Display


Tags: X System X1D

When working with the EVF on the X1D, moving the AF point is made simple by using the rear touch display. Did you know that you can also select the area of the display used to move the AF point?

On the main display:

Press the Settings icon. The General Settings Menu appears.

Select Touch from the list (see figure1).

Ensure that the Move AF Point checkbox is ticked in the Touchpad for EVF section (see Figure 2).

Select which area of the rear display you want to use for Touchpad selection of AF point (see Figure 3).

Choose between (Figure 4):

  • Right half of screen (1)
  • Left half of screen (2)
  • Bottom right (3)
  • Top right (4)
  • Bottom left (5)
  • Top left (6)

Once you have selected the desired area, press the Menu / Exit button to return to the main menu.

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