Setting X1D-50c Operational Limits for Auto ISO and Full Auto Modes


Tags: X System X1D

X System users who are using the Auto ISO function can set the minimum shutter speed along with the upper and lower ISO to be used.

The Program (P) and Full Auto Mode (□) also make use of these settings.

To set the ranges, follow these steps:

  • Press the Camera icon on the touch display. The camera settings menu will appear.
  • Scroll down the menu list and select the “Configuration” option. (Figure 1)

  • The configuration menu is displayed. (Figure 2)
  • Scroll down to the “AUTO ISO LIMITS” section.
  • Select the Maximum option and from the drop-down list select the highest ISO you would like to use. The range is from 200 to 25600. (Figure 2-item A)
  • Select the Minimum option and from the drop-down list, select the lowest ISO you would like to use. The range is from 100 to 12800. (Figure 2-item B)
  • Finally, select the Shutter Speed Limit option (Figure 2-item C) to select the slowest shutter speed that will be used. The options available are:
    1/4f, 1/3f, 1/2f, 1/1.5f, 1/f or 2/f (f = focal length)
    Example: If the setting "1/2f" is used with a 45mm lens, the shutter speed limit is 1/90 s.
    1 second to 1/2000 second in 1 Stop increments
  • Press the Menu/Exit button to return to the main menu.

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