Use Profiles to enable quick camera configuration


Tags: H6D

The H6D series allows you to store camera configuration profiles that quickly set camera parameters to your favourite settings. Configuring them is extremely simple.

Firstly, set up the camera the way you like to work for a given shooting style e.g Landscape using the spirit level, manual focus or Portrait shooting with True Focus linked to the shutter and continuous drive enabled.

Next, press the General Settings icon on the Sensor Unit display. The General Settings Menu appears

Press the Profiles Menu option. The Profiles main screen appears.

Selecting a profile gives you the option to recall settings or save current settings to any of the seven Profiles.

Select a Profile location other than default and press Save; this will copy the current camera settings into this profile.

Repeat this series of steps for other setups ensuring you choose a different profile each time.


To use the set profiles, simply give a short press on the on/off button. This will bring up the profiles main screen.

Select your chosen profile and press load.

The stored camera settings are loaded, and you are ready to shoot.

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