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The X1D & H6D camera systems allow the user to overlay the Live View display with cropping guides in a variety of ratios. The crop is written into the file data and will show in Phocus when the image is imported. The crop can be removed or modified if required.

The options you can choose from are:

No Crop (645), 1:1 (6x6) , 7:6 (6x7) , 5:4 (4x5) , 11:8,5 (Letter) , 297:210 (A4)

3:2 (6x9) , 3:2 Crop (24x36), 16:9 (Screen) , 2:1 (6x12) , 65:24 (XPan)

Here is an example of the Live View display with a 6x6 crop overlay applied (see figure 1)

A good tip is to program a button to "Crop Mode Next" or "Crop Mode Previous". This allows a quick selection of the crop format.

To program a custom button to allow simple access and selection of a crop overlay, follow these steps:

Press the Camera icon on the Touch Display. The Camera Settings Menu appears.

Select the Custom Buttons option. (Figure 2)

The Custom Buttons dialogue window opens. (Figure 3)

Select which button you wish to assign to the crop selection. For this example, we will use the DOF Preview (STOP DOWN on the H6D).

From the displayed option list, select “Crop Mode Next”.

Press the menu button to return to the main display.

To access the crop overlays, start the Live View Display and then press the button you assigned to the crop cycle. The display will change to show a 1:1 (6x6) overlay. Further presses will cycle through the crop options. A long press on this programmed button will return to "No Crop".

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